We are on a mission to unlock the potential on the world’s most ambitious projects, creating positive social economic and environmental impact for people and the places they inhabit.




Our Philosophy


21st Century Placemaking:
A Definition

Placemaking is a collaborative process designed to unlock the true potential for people, communities, and the environment. By decoding communities in real time, placemaking paves the way for better engagement, better decision making, and better long-term outcomes. Good placemaking unlocks shared value to generates powerful social and cultural momentum.

Great placemaking however has the transformative power to advance humanity.


By decoding communities in real time, 21st Century Placemaking paves the way for better engagement, better decision making, and better long-term outcomes.





Spatial and cultural analytics to drive transformative insights

Capabilities include:

  • Global Benchmarking – scale, urban systems, street scape, green space
  • Spatial Network Analysis – connectivity, density, mobility
  • Regression Analysis – predictive indicators for future growth
  • Flow Analysis – simulation and analysis of human movement based on varied data sets and assumptions
  • Community Consultation – qualitative and quantitative research
  • Social Listening – sentiment
  • Amenity Analysis – trade areas mapping
  • Economic Data Analysis – community prosperity
  • Urban Assessment and Masterplan Analysis


Analysing diverse data sources we develop a deep understanding of user needs and behaviors to enhance satisfaction

Capabilities include:

  • Demographic Analysis

  • Psychographic Analysis

  • Persona Development

  • Ethnographic Research

  • UX Journeys
  • User, Community and Cultural Research

  • Flow Analysis  


Develop the content, activation, merchandising and key urban interventions that drive the character and culture of place

Capabilities include:

  • Urban Strategy
  • Urban Design
  • Masterplanning
  • Experience Planning
  • Retail Merchandising & Curation
  • Design Typologies
  • Global Benchmarking
  • Asset Class Assessment
  • Economic Impact
  • Mobility Strategy
  • Ecosystem Development
  • Global Impact Assessment


Establishing true differentiation enables better decision making to ensure cultural fit and social cohesion

Capabilities include:

  • Stakeholder Campfires and Visioning Workshops

  • Qualitative Research

  • Place Guiding Principles – to drive all design decisions

  • Manifesto and Communication Platform

  • Place Playbooks

  • CGI and Visual Storytelling

  • Communication Campaigns

  • Movie Making – narrative and animation




Our Values

Our values unify our global team under one code of conduct to guide behavior that drives continuity of outcomes. These values not only guide how we treat each other, but how we treat clients, partners, and the broader ERA-co community. They are an essential ingredient to our overall success and support our business ambitions. 

01 / Human-First
Champion the end user


We communicate with clarity, free from jargon, to stay in line with real people. We do not get bogged down in the rhetoric. We uphold placemaking as a deeply human endeavor that belongs as much on the street, as it does in the boardroom. 


02 / Protagonists
Ask beautiful questions


We champion those with a point-of-view, rather than judging, ridiculing, or side-stepping those who speak up. We ask the hard questions, bring the provocative perspective, and dig for the truth.

03 / Collaborative
The best ideas are co-authored


We are high on talent and low on ego. With such diversity of experience and talent, we know the work is sharper and more resolved the more people we invite into the process.

04 / Curious
Broaden perspectives


Innovation requires an insatiable hunger to stay ahead of culture. We keep a constant global radar to push through complexity and discover new solutions to the world’s most urgent challenges.

05 / Gritty
Persevere for the sake of transformative placemaking


We roll up our sleeves and dive right in, driving every problem with passion and gritty determination. It is not about being the smartest in the room, but rather staying the course, fighting for ideas, and seeing the long game through.